Deep dive into responsive mobile design, the conclusion

November 11th, 2011

The main goal of responsive mobile design is to take your application content and present it in a way that makes the most effective use of the available context, or the available screen estate. The three most essential principles of responsive mobile design are: you have the same content, with the same logical and visual hierarchy, but the representation of the content adapts to the current context.

The main goal of this series wass to answer three underlying questions: what are we designing, why are we designing it in a certain way and how are we implementing the target design.

  • The first part highlighted the basic principles of responsive mobile design
  • The second part took a detailed look at a few examples of responsive web design
  • The third part talked about the implementation aspects of responsive mobile and web design, and what is available to Android developers that want to take advantage of these principles.
  • The fourth part dealt about additional, slightly more focused, aspects of responsive mobile design

The series has followed the presentation I have earlier this week at AnDevCon, and you can use the following slidedeck as the refresher reference. Stay tuned for more in the coming months as we continue refining and polishing the application across the entire gamut of supported devices.