My name is Kirill Grouchnikov and I am a software engineer. I work at Google on the Android team. I have zero patents to my name, and I intend to keep it that way. I have been doing client side development professionally since 1999 in a variety of UI toolkits and libraries that spanned Motif, MFC, VB, Ada, Delphi, Swing and SWT.

Want to get in touch? You can reach me at [firstname] dot [lastname] at [gmail] dot [com] if you can figure out the secret encoding of the email address. Technically I’m still on Twitter, but that’s been dormant for a while now. I also post occasionally on Instagram.



Presentations – Android

  • Google I/O 2017 – “Architecture Components – Persistence and Offline” with Yigit Boyar. Video recording.
  • Google I/O 2016 – “Designer & developer communication” with Shona Dutta, John Schlemmer and Mark Wei. Video recording.
  • Udacity 2015 – Talking about Google Play Store app. Part 1 and Part 2 videos.
  • Google I/O 2014 – “Going responsive with the Google Play Apps Suite” with Marco Paglia. Video recording.
  • AnDevCon III 2012 – “Responsive Mobile Design in Practice”. PDF slidedeck.
  • AnDevCon II 2011 – “Responsive Mobile Design”. PDF slidedeck.
  • AnDevCon I 2011 – “Designing for the Mobile Form Factor”. PDF slidedeck.

Conference presentations – others

  • JavaOne 2009 – “Flamingo: Bringing the Ribbon Component to Swing”. PDF slidedeck.
  • EclipseCon 2009 – “On The Shoulders of Giants: Harnessing the Power of Eclipse Enterprise Ecosystem”. PDF slidedeck.
  • JavaOne 2008 – “High Resolution Monitors” with Mike Swingler of Apple. PDF slidedeck.
  • OSCON 2007 – “Advanced Effects in Java Desktop Applications”. PDF slidedeck.
  • JavaOne 2007 – “Bringing Life to Swing Desktop Applications” with Alexander Potochkin of Sun and moderator of the “Next-Generation UI Elements for Swing Applications” birds of feather. PDF slidedeck
  • DesktopMatters 2007 – “Swing Effects”. PDF slidedeck.
  • JavaOne 2005 – co-presenter on birds of feather that introduced Web Services & XML community at My part was on the JAXB Workshop project (see below).

Active open source projects

Radiance is a set of libraries for building modern, elegant and fast Swing applications . It includes:

  • Neon provides a core set of APIs to work with images and text that scale with the display resolution.
  • Photon enables usage of vector-based icons in Swing applications.
  • Trident provides powerful and flexible animation APIs that scale from simple, single-property cases to complex scenarios that involve multiple animations.
  • Substance provides a powerful and flexible set of APIs that can be used to skin Swing applications to address the most demanding, modern design requirements.
  • Flamingo provides a robust set of additional Swing components that can be used as building blocks for creating modern, rich Swing applications.
  • Meteor is a set of Kotlin extensions that expose selected core Swing APIs for idiomatic Kotlin usage.
  • Ember is a set of Kotlin extensions that provide a more elegant way of working with scoped Substance APIs.
  • Plasma exposes the entire API surface of Flamingo as a concise, focused and approachable Kotlin domain-specific language (DSL).
  • Lightbeam provides tools for Swing look-and-feel developers to measure the performance of their libraries.

Inactive open source projects

Historical snapshots hosted on GitHub:

  • BindMark – a comparative benchmark for Java XML binding frameworks and libraries
  • Checkers – a collection of Checkers games
  • Ixent – a framework for non-photorealistic rendering
  • JAXB Workshop – a collection of tools for JAXB 2.0 including Eclipse and IDEA plugins for XJC
  • Matrix rain – Matrix screensaver for Swing apps
  • Strider – ripple effects for Swing applications.
  • Trellis – a collection of Tetris-inspired games
  • XSOM – XML Schema Object Model (part of JAXB 2.0). I was a small-time contributor.