My name is Kirill Grouchnikov and I am a software engineer. I work at Google on the Android team. I have zero patents to my name, and I intend to keep it that way. I have been doing client side development professionally since 1999 in a variety of UI toolkits and libraries that so far have spanned Motif, MFC, Visual Basic, Ada, Delphi, Swing, SWT, Android and Compose.

Want to get in touch? You can reach me at [myfirstname] dot [mylastname] at [gmail] dot [com]. Technically I’m still on Twitter, but that’s been dormant for a long while now. Google+ used to be my main place to hang out, but that’s long gone now as well. I also post occasionally on Instagram.



Presentations – Android

  • Google I/O 2017 – “Architecture Components – Persistence and Offline” with Yigit Boyar. Video recording.
  • Google I/O 2016 – “Designer & developer communication” with Shona Dutta, John Schlemmer and Mark Wei. Video recording.
  • Udacity 2015 – Talking about Google Play Store app. Part 1 and Part 2 videos.
  • Google I/O 2014 – “Going responsive with the Google Play Apps Suite” with Marco Paglia. Video recording.
  • AnDevCon III 2012 – “Responsive Mobile Design in Practice”. PDF slidedeck.
  • AnDevCon II 2011 – “Responsive Mobile Design”. PDF slidedeck.
  • AnDevCon I 2011 – “Designing for the Mobile Form Factor”. PDF slidedeck.

Conference presentations – others

  • JavaOne 2009 – “Flamingo: Bringing the Ribbon Component to Swing”. PDF slidedeck.
  • EclipseCon 2009 – “On The Shoulders of Giants: Harnessing the Power of Eclipse Enterprise Ecosystem”. PDF slidedeck.
  • JavaOne 2008 – “High Resolution Monitors” with Mike Swingler of Apple. PDF slidedeck.
  • OSCON 2007 – “Advanced Effects in Java Desktop Applications”. PDF slidedeck.
  • JavaOne 2007 – “Bringing Life to Swing Desktop Applications” with Alexander Potochkin of Sun and moderator of the “Next-Generation UI Elements for Swing Applications” birds of feather. PDF slidedeck
  • DesktopMatters 2007 – “Swing Effects”. PDF slidedeck.
  • JavaOne 2005 – co-presenter on birds of feather that introduced Web Services & XML community at My part was on the JAXB Workshop project (see below).

Active open source projects

Radiance is a set of libraries for building modern, elegant and fast Swing applications . It includes:

  • Neon provides a core set of APIs to work with images and text that scale with the display resolution.
  • Photon enables usage of vector-based icons in Swing applications.
  • Trident provides powerful and flexible animation APIs that scale from simple, single-property cases to complex scenarios that involve multiple animations.
  • Substance provides a powerful and flexible set of APIs that can be used to skin Swing applications to address the most demanding, modern design requirements.
  • Flamingo provides a robust set of additional Swing components that can be used as building blocks for creating modern, rich Swing applications.
  • Meteor is a set of Kotlin extensions that expose selected core Swing APIs for idiomatic Kotlin usage.
  • Ember is a set of Kotlin extensions that provide a more elegant way of working with scoped Substance APIs.
  • Plasma exposes the entire API surface of Flamingo as a concise, focused and approachable Kotlin domain-specific language (DSL).
  • Lightbeam provides tools for Swing look-and-feel developers to measure the performance of their libraries.

Aurora is a port of many of ideas that started in Radiance to Compose for Desktop.

Inactive open source projects

Nova was an exploration of a Kotlin DSL for working with Android themes and styles.

Older projects, some with historical snapshots hosted on GitHub:

  • BindMark – a comparative benchmark for Java XML binding frameworks and libraries
  • Checkers – a collection of Checkers games
  • Ixent – a framework for non-photorealistic rendering
  • JAXB Workshop – a collection of tools for JAXB 2.0 including Eclipse and IDEA plugins for XJC
  • Matrix rain – Matrix screensaver for Swing apps
  • Strider – ripple effects for Swing applications.
  • Trellis – a collection of Tetris-inspired games
  • XSOM – XML Schema Object Model (part of JAXB 2.0). I was a small-time contributor.