Design, uninterrupted #149

February 24th, 2011

Today’s post highlights the design of by Padraig Kennedy and John Ryan. Playing off of the product name (which combines the action of mounting a drive with the abbreviation of the publishing platform), the design guides the eye towards a large full-color icon that replicates a stylized uniform of the Canadian mounties. This splash of bright orange surrounded by somber steel gray is a great backdrop for the main call-to-action “buy” button located directly below it – note how the button uses a muted shade of orange to maintain a professional look of the product.

Unlike an overloaded product page for Cornerstone featured earlier in this series, this landing page opts to use brevity and puts all the content above the fold. An embedded overview video of the product takes the center stage, with the default freeze frame using the same muted dark steel gray as the surrounding color palette. Note subtle textures, drop shadows and radial highlight around the video; combined with clean typography (embedded Aller font family) and a strong alignment of elements – especially in the right column – placing just the right amount of product information on the landing page, leaving the rest to additional pages readily accessible from the navigation menu.