Radiance 7.5.0

June 25th, 2024

Less than one year to go until it celebrates its 20th anniversary, it’s time for the next release of Radiance. It’s a minor one, focusing on stability and bug fixes. First, I’m going to use emojis to mark different parts of it like this:

💔 marks an incompatible API / binary change
🎁 marks new features
🔧 marks bug fixes and general improvements


  • 💔 Revisit circular progress indicators
  • 💔 Do not force BIG_FIT_TO_ICON presentation state for command buttons configured with custom icon dimension
  • 🔧 Fix visuals of disabled command buttons under rollover state and never background appearance strategy
  • 🔧 Fix inconsistent font metrics of label texts during printing
  • 🔧 Fix crash on computing the resize sequence of flow ribbon bands with 2 components
  • 🔧 Fix ribbon band content disappearing after a certain combination of user interactions with the ribbon on Windows OS


Radiance focuses on helping you make elegant and high-performing desktop applications in Swing. If you’re in the business of writing just such apps, I’d love for you to take this Radiance release for a spin. Click here to get the instructions on how to add Radiance to your builds. And don’t forget that all of the modules require Java 9 to build and run.