Aurora 1.1.0

February 24th, 2022

It gives me great pleasure to announce the second major release of Aurora. Let’s get to what’s been fixed, and what’s been added. First, I’m going to use emojis to mark different parts of it like this:

💔 marks an incompatible API / binary change
🎁 marks new features
🔧 marks bug fixes and general improvements

Dependencies for core libraries

  • Compose Desktop: 1.0.0 ➡ 1.1.0
  • Kotlin: 1.5.31 ➡ 1.6.10
  • Gradle: 7.3 ➡ 7.4

Release notes

  • 🎁 More interaction granularity for command button actions
    • Auto-repeat action. Enabled with autoRepeatAction boolean, initial delay configured by autoRepeatActionInterval, subsequent delays configured by autoRepeatSubsequentInterval
    • Fire action trigger, configured with actionFireTrigger and the new ActionFireTrigger enum that has three values:
      • OnRollover to fire action on rollover
      • OnPressed to fire action on press
      • OnPressReleased to fire action on press release (the default)
  • 🎁 Add a breadcrumb bar composable for quick navigation of multi-level hierarchies, such as file systems, XML documents or abstract syntax trees. See documentation.
  • 🎁 Support shader-based fill painters.
  • 💔 Revisit the signature of shader-based decoration painters for API consistency.
  • 💔 Convert command button panel to use lazy loading. Major performance improvements for panels with thousands+ elements.
  • 🔧 Fix incorrect alignment of command button panel content when the content fits without the need to kick in scrolling.
  • 🔧 Eliminate flash of color artifacts on opening popup windows.
  • 🔧 Use bold font weight on decorated window titles.
  • 🔧 Fix text overflow in command button panels with really long text on individual commands.
  • 🔧 Fixexceptions when window is made smaller than the original size and starts to cut off some of the content.
  • 🔧 Fix the display name in Cerulean skin definition.

This release (code-named Blizzard) brings a couple of new APIs, and otherwise is focused on stabilizing and improving the overall API surface of the various Aurora modules. There’s still a long road ahead to expand Aurora’s capabilities in 2022 and beyond, with the ribbon / command bar planned as the next big addition. If you’re in the business of writing Compose Desktop apps, I’d love for you to take Aurora for a spin. Stay frosty for more features coming in 2022!