The weirdest bug I’ve ever filed (so far)

May 3rd, 2019

This happened during the testing phase of the short-lived Nexus Q (back around early 2012 probably). I placed the unit in my home office and connected it to a pair of speakers. As Q was controlled via Galaxy Nexus, I put it on the bottom shelf of my printer stand. What was the bug you ask? Every time I started printing a page, a few seconds later Q’s volume went to the max.

As some of you may remember, the top dome of Q controls the volume. The printer stand I bought wasn’t overly sturdy and would wobble a bit when the printer was printing. The wobble wasn’t enough to cause dome rotation (you can see the sticker I put on Q to look at the rotation), but just enough to have one of the shakes spike something inside Q to turn the volume all the way up. Most of the shakes looked to be blocked by some kind of a stabilization mechanism around, but that occasional shake had just the right combination of amplitude and frequency to get through.

I don’t think that anything happened with that bug report, although a few people had a good laugh or two joking about minor California earthquakes jolting all Q’s to max volume. Not that that ever happened as the device was discontinued shortly after it was announced.