Food for thought #8

June 5th, 2013

Chris Harris at 24:40 into episode 47 of Iterate podcast:

I call it undiscovered country. You can imagine it like a bunch of ships arriving on the shore of this new land, and there’s a town there. And that town was iOS when it was first created. You land and you claim this area around it. You’re out there, and you always land to explore. And we’re very much in the infancy of touch-based design. The interesting thing is that we’ve just landed on the shore, and some people are spending all their time designing, effectively, in the town they’ve landed at.

All these ships are arriving, and more people are arriving on the shore and turning up in this town every day. And some of us are saying “Oh my God, you can go over there and claim a mountain and stick a flag on top of it”, and that’s the thing you can do. Loren Brichter was out there and he planted one. There’s a hill right outside the town, a little way down the road but off the beaten track. And he went right out there to stick his flag and claim pull-to-refresh.

That’s the way I look at it. We’ve got this amazing opportunity to go out there and claim mountains for ourselves. It will never come again. We’ve got this opportunity right now to go and claim these mountains right close to the shore. Afterwards, in the distance, people will have to travel further. You’re going to get across mountain ranges in order to find something new, in order to get something new to explore. I want to go to the top of those closest mountains and claim those myself.

That mountain – once you get to the top of it and standing there and saying “Oh my God, that really worked, that was amazing”, and you see all these people and boats clustering down there, and you’re going “Guys, guys, over here”. And down the other side of this mountain, in the valley down hill, there are all these other things that we can do, and that’s the most amazing thing. When you’re at the top of one of those mountains, you get to see things that other people can’t, and that’s where I feel I am right now. Some of us are at the top of mountains looking down the other side into grassy valleys.