Design, uninterrupted #184

May 4th, 2011

Today’s post highlights the design of by Joey Adkins. This single page site has an interesting visual rhythm, alternating between the strong brown, aquamarine teal and brick orange as background fills for the three main sections. This plays rather well with the site logo that not only defines the three main colors, but is also composed of bold large circles and custom slanted glyphs. The designer’s experimentation with typography is seen everywhere on the site, using different font styles, families and sizes (sometimes it feels a little bit too much, especially in the footer). Noise textures and serrated edges of section separators add nicely to the overall retro look of the page, with an extra touch of smooth rollover effects on the main navigation menu and social links in the footer.

As far as the usability is concerned, i’m rather puzzled by the placement and styling of secondary navigation buttons. These can be found in the two middle sections, with very misleading styling of the icons. I assumed that left and right pointing arrows would start paginating the content in the specific section – which is a well-known paradigm for navigating large portfolios. Instead, as i clicked the right arrow button, the whole page scrolled vertically to the next section, while i was expecting the next nine-pack of portfolio thumbnails to slide from the left. Perhaps extracting the secondary navigation to the right margin, or making the navigation header static would be a better solution that is aligned with what visitors have come to expect from in-page navigation.