Design, uninterrupted #183

May 3rd, 2011

Today’s post highlights the design of I like the exploration of yellow-orange-brown hues, with wide swaths of deep orange alleviated with faded radial highlights, accentuated bokeh circles and beveled separators. The main navigation menu has nice rollover effects that use the same small triangular pointers as seen just above the first row of the embedded portfolio. Overall, the header part has an inviting open feel to it, with the secondary vertical navigation dissolving into the background and large bokeh circles weaving in and out of the wide margins. On a less positive note, the small white texts in the footer are not very readable, and need either darker shadow or an altogether much darker main color. Make sure to visit the “Services” page that uses very attractive arrangement of section icons in the left column (although the solid block rollovers are quite unnecessary).