Design, uninterrupted #166

March 28th, 2011

Today’s post highlights the design of The design is anchored by three main elements – an attractive vintage color palette, strong angular geometric lines and embedded Andes font that combines precise square angles, skewed cross strokes and frilly loops. Desaturated brown, magenta and blue are carefully balanced throughout the different sections, with colors switching between foreground, background and separator elements. Note the gradient and strike through effects on the main logo and the call-to-action “ribbon” buttons and attractive whitewash noise textures that bring a welcome relief to wide swaths of content in the main section that uses light brown for the background color. My favorite element here would be the contour effects on the “Portfolio” and “Learn More” ribbons – follow the interplay between inner and outer contours and the drop shadows. The usage of small size Andes on the blog posts dates is the only thing that i would question – there’s too much visual noise at this font size that destroys the beauty of this all-caps font; Myriad is perhaps a better match for the task at hand. On a more positive note, make sure to visit the “Contact” page and study the intricate “Send mail” graphic.