Design, uninterrupted #159

March 14th, 2011

Today’s post highlights the design of by Jared Christensen (@jaredigital). An attractively styled and spaced header sets the visual tone for the site, with an old-style picture of Jared that dovetails nicely with a self-deprecated humorous description to its left. This tone lends a nice human touch to the site – from the navigation menu rollover texts to the footer blurb, from the portfolio section description to the “About” page (6’5″ of pure uselessness). Notice the slightly expanding drop shadow that surrounds the bottom part of the portrait, helping to offset it from the patterned background and anchoring it to the multi-layered separator that transitions to the portfolio.

Fuchsia pink used in the main logo is the main highlight color, used for navigation menu rollovers, portfolio blurbs and (reverse) hyperlinks. I particularly like the rollover effect on the main logo, with the logo and supporting text toggling between the pink and gray.