Design, uninterrupted #148

February 23rd, 2011

Today’s post highlights the design of Placing main emphasis on highlighting the different products, it uses a clean monochromatic palette, simple typography (mixing Helvetica Neue for body text and monospace Courier for most of the header content) and an austere header logo. Note how the logo slightly overlaps the full-width slideshow that highlights promoted products.

Most of the store products have a distinct vintage look, which is further reinforced in the header section. The cart tracker is decorated with a slightly distorted background that combines a desaturated turquoise color and a dot noise pattern. The muted background grunge patterns can be seen further along the sides of the main slideshow. Finally, each one of the slides (note the nice cross-fade transition effect) features a unique retro-style description of the specific product, combining typography, colors and ribbon elements.

This seemingly simplistic design has a great visual balance, strong alignment and, most importantly, great presentation of the featured merchandise.