Design, uninterrupted #144

February 18th, 2011

Today’s post highlights the design of With a four-column grid extending across the main section into the footer (with a slight deviation to bring the contact form fields closer together), the site uses a basic color scheme of tinged yellow, dark gray and slightly desaturated red across all pages. An additional section is revealed by clicking the “Come inside” link in the top-right corner; it uses a distinct background color to further delineate it from the main content. Attractive illustrations of the site mascot and supporting elements (flowers, ladders) offset numerous small text sections; note the two special illustrations next to the company office addresses in the footer. An extra visual treatment – and a great usability help – can be seen in the bottom left corner once the top part of the page is scrolled up; a May Poppins-style mascot fades in and provides a quick way to scroll to the top.

The design mixes three separate fonts, Calluna, Le Monde Journal and FF Tisa Web. Those look great on the section headers that use a mix of different faces, styles and weights. However, FF Tisa Web bold does not look very crisp on smaller font sizes used on main text sections – this might be addressed by either bumping up the main font size or choosing a more legible font. Make sure to browse other pages: “About” with attractive monochrome portraits of the team members, “Services” with a great layout that maintains the same illustration style and “Library” that reuses the light steel blue of the header and adds the sand yellow color to the mix.