Design, uninterrupted #140

February 9th, 2011

Today’s post highlights the design of by Scott Robbin (@srobbin) and Naz Hamid (@weightshift). A little light on the actual content (and does not seem to have added any new functionality since it was launched late last year), the design is nevertheless a pleasing infographic of a sort, presenting different views on the underlying data. Switching between four and six columns, it frames the content with ample white space and uses an effective color palette of brick orange and light blue; it’s worth noting that the usage of light blue is inconsistent – switching from hyperlinks in the middle section to the header and answer marks in the bottom one.

Moving the mouse over the map reveals a simple rollover effect that highlights the current district and also updates the section header to the right. The three-column listing of the districts has a similar effect, but does not highlight the matching district on the map – contributing to the unfinished feel of the project. For an extra visual treatment, see the precise styling of the city selector dropdown in the header, the selector arrow and the main project logo that bisects the left stem of letter “H”.