Design, uninterrupted #137

February 4th, 2011

Today’s post highlights the design of Design View at The content structuring and layout are an interesting mesh between traditional blog landing page, a magazine-style highlight overview and a detailed archive listing. Instead of letting the visitor view the full text of the latest entries, the top section provides an excerpt of the latest entry, and then transitions into a five-column layout that lists the most recent entries, a few tweet-sized thoughts and a large archive section. While the traditional blog layout puts archive links into a small sidebar or footer, Andy has decided to devote most of the page to a carefully categorized and meticulously arranged list of over 150 links. Using smaller fonts, padded dash separators and a monochrome color palette for this section alleviates the information overload while still allowing quick scanning.

A vibrant saturated orange is used for styling the external hyperlinks and rollover fill for the titles of recent entries. Combined with a clean typography, a strong grid and vertical transition from light to dark variants of the main hue it leaves an elegant, professional and memorable impression.