Design, uninterrupted #136

February 4th, 2011

Today’s post highlights the design of by Tyler Galpin (@tylergalpin). Clean and strong angular geometry permeates the main page, from the large yellow logo to brick red header ribbons to the oversized (and beautifully styled) call-to-action arrow / button combo. Typography geeks would swoon over the typefaces and drop patterns in the tagline section that features a unique combination of different font faces, styles and weights (note how the ampersand sign is the only curved glyph, and that extra thin “determination” has a different drop pattern below it).

The brick red color is used to draw attention to selected elements and hyperlinks, and generous content margins with coarse dot texture create a stark contrast with the much lighter color palette of the main content. If you like the precise geometry of the main page, make sure to visit the “Process” page that reuses the sand yellow color of the main logo in its stylized illustrations of Tyler’s creative process.