Design, uninterrupted #135

February 2nd, 2011

Today’s post highlights the design of by Jason Cotterell and Vicki Tourtouras. The landing page features a fresh tagline (“Apps Schmapps”) that uses desaturated peach red to highlight the agency specialty – creating applications that stand out in a crowded store. The rest of the content is “hidden” behind the small blurbs of text with downward arrows. It feels like this content is not immediately discoverable, and at least a minimal amount of color can be added to the arrow icons.

Once clicked, each arrow icon initiates a smooth transition sequence that slides out most of the main content, slides up the section blurbs and then slides in an expanded content for the specific section. Consistent usage of peach red color for highlighting the key points, clean typography and plenty of white space is pervasive throughout the design, with only small peculiarities around switching the direction of arrow icons (they point to where the target content is, instead of where it will end up when the arrow will be clicked).

In addition to a great graphic in the “What makes a great app” section (shown above), i also like the layout of “Meet the makers” with its oversized logo and heavily desaturated picture of the studio owners that leaves only traces of skin tone that mesh well with the peach hue of the main highlight color.