Design, uninterrupted #131

January 27th, 2011

Today’s post highlights the design of A static full-height photograph of John anchors the content (further framed by thin header and footer strips). The rich selection of saturated colors plays well with a rather large number of images, where each section uses a single color for the oversized header text and the smaller “more” button. The same colors are used on the social links below the designer’s image, with a great rollover effect that grays out inactive links. Also note a nice cross-fade effect on the “Photos” section, and a subtle drop shadow border that surrounds the large photographs in that section.

On a less positive side, the design shows the perils of choosing a badly designed Neuton font and using it on the large headers. It severely impacts the crisp look, with its extremely sloppy kerning (see “Publication”) and slanted serifs that lead to poor grid fitting.