Design, uninterrupted #127

January 17th, 2011

Today’s post highlights the design of by the fine folks from Viget. A perfect vintage-themed design that combines multi-layered fading patterns, smooth rollover animations, great typography, hand-drawn illustrations with an attractive color palette of sand yellow, brick orange and faded light blue. Move the mouse over the project rows to see how the main logo color is used in the rollover transition sequences.

Note how the playful tone set by the large header flowchart takes the eye off of the jumping columns – where each section has its own notion of the grid. This is also partially addressed by the notebook effect in the project section that creates a foldout impression (further accentuated by the dented triangles and a perforated pattern along the content edges). It would also be nice to see consistent color usage for hyperlinks instead of a mix of brick orange and light blue.