Design, uninterrupted #124

January 11th, 2011

Today’s post highlights the design of by Tomáš Jelínek. A very attractive color palette of desaturated “dirty” colors complements the grungy textures and worn out visual elements. In an effort to create a three-dimensional scene, the sofa has some perspective and drop shadow below it, but it doesn’t look too realistic. The shadow looks like a blurry oval that doesn’t seem to follow the object shape, with brighter strips extending from the two far legs. In addition, there is no consistent lighting model across the entire scene (the framed pictures and the door), and the door itself is not an active object.

It’s a little unfortunate that this excellent grunge design is tainted by an incomplete attempt to bring depth and perspective. Also, wouldn’t it be great if the clock was a live Javascript widget tracking my local time?