Meanwhile on Planet Earth

January 7th, 2011

Ryan Singer of 37signals on Comic Sans:

There must be some value in Comic Sans if millions of non-designers choose to use it on their signs and memos. Designers should be curious about this instead of feeling superior about it.

Yishan Wong on OpenID:

The fact that anyone even expects that OpenID could possibly see any amount of adoption is mind-boggling to me. ┬áProponents are literally expecting people to sign up for yet another third-party service, in some cases log in by typing in a URL, and at best flip away to another branded service’s page to log in and, in many cases, answer an obscurely-worded prompt about allowing third-party credentials, all in order to log in to a site.

One option is to feel superior about your knowledge of security protocols, encrypted traffic, ligatures, slab serifs and line heights. Another option is to see what task the end user is trying to accomplish and make sure he gets there as quickly and painlessly as possible.