Design, uninterrupted #123

January 7th, 2011

Today’s post highlights the design of by Robin C. Kuprella. The visual elements are laid out and styled to create an imaginary map, serving as a jumping board into the designer’s portfolio.

It’s a single page design, with the rather small rectangular middle part changing contents based on the current selection. While not immediately discoverable, the red dots are active areas that change the content selection. Given the consistent styling of the curved banners above the dots (except, rather strangely, the “News” section), i’d expect that the banners would be active elements as well. There are a few additional active areas that show attractively styled rollovers, with one of them leading to an easter egg “treasure” – further reinforcing the connection to fantasy / treasure maps.

The color palette is easy on the eyes, with heavily muted browns, reds, greens and grays painted with broad strokes that combines watercolor and pencil drawing styles. Extra overlay textural creases emulate the look of an antique worn out map, and you can browse Robin’s portfolio to see his other maps.