Design, uninterrupted #120

January 2nd, 2011

Today’s post highlights the design of by Mathias Brouilly. Precise geometrical patterns and shapes drive the visuals. Monochrome icons with simple and strong shapes; thick pinstripes and large dots used on the section headers, main logo and the contact form; typography-driven slideshow across the top part of the page – all of these guide the eye through the various content sections on this single-page site. The color palette of brick orange, light brown, pale olive and ivory is repeated in a thin repeating stripe running across the top edge – a recently popular trend that made a few appearances in this series.

On a less positive note, the pale olive is used for links as well as italicized text, adding uncertainty about what is and is not clickable. In addition, each section seems to have its own column layout. Even with strong vertical lines connecting each section content with the matching header and well-maintained visual balance inside each section, the overall impression is a little messy and disorganized.