Design, uninterrupted #119

December 28th, 2010

Today’s post highlights the design of, an online store for home-made baby products (design by PixelFusion). Soft pink-brown color palette joins the attractive selection of fabric-inspired textures and illustrations to create an inviting browsing experience. Individual product pages use a carefully crafted item selector, while category pages employ attractively spaced and nicely framed product thumbnails.

Muted pink is used for the hyperlinks, and the site uses the thin serif Archer Light for headers / navigation links and handwritten Bowfin for the social icons. The “About” page uses a professional photograph to create a deeper personal connection which is further reinforced on the “Thanks” page.

On a less positive side, the auto-advance slideshows on the home page are just too much. There are three slideshows, each one with its own cycle. The top one has a ticker that allows manual navigation, but the bottom two are not very usable – there’s just too many transitions with very little control provided to the end user.