Design, uninterrupted #113

December 17th, 2010

Today’s post highlights the design of by Ismael Burciaga. The single-column layout frames vibrant photographs with faux-vintage elements and an attractive palette of tan brown and desaturated brick orange. The beautiful Clarendon LT is used in conjunction with Cufon to render all header texts, along with Georgia and Helvetica Neue for body text and date blurbs. The brick orange color framing the main content column is also used for all links and rollover navigation elements, but i would rather see the main tag line (What kind of meat…) use the tan brown since it is not a clickable element. Note the consistent pattern of styling the separator elements – light brown dash line with highlight halo next to slightly irregular fading solid line.

Unsurprisingly, individual entries are a visual feast for meat lovers, featuring expertly framed full-width photographs of the meals, an attractive row of themed social icons and well crafted info section of the entry author. Make sure to visit the “Warriors” page as well.