Design, uninterrupted #109

December 7th, 2010

Today’s post highlights the design of by Inguna Trepsa. It combines solid dark gray / black backgrounds with oversaturated neon yellow-green palette to produce Tron-like visuals, especially in the three phones in the second section. The neon palette lends its colors to the oversized logo illustration, and is further reused (with some desaturation) in the headers, text sections, links and the static navigation menu.

Note how the last section starts using the brown hue to prepare the eye towards the transition to the stylized palm forest footer that mixes the yellow greens with browns, oranges and sand pinks.

On a less positive side, the main header illustration can use fade to transparency in the reflection effect, and the contact form should extend the top two text fields to be right-aligned with the larger text area and the “Submit” button. In addition, the rollover animations on the navigation menu feel very sluggish and should be improved by using much less initial delay.