Design, uninterrupted #108

December 6th, 2010

Today’s post highlights the design of This is a refreshing design that explores a combination of diagonal elements, embedded fonts and an invitingly cool palette to create a memorable impression. Two large diagonal stripes frame the main content, with the header section containing an attractive typographic logo and properly rotated social icons. The navigation menu follows the rotation angle of the separator lines and uses images instead of CSS3 selectors that do not work in older browsers.

The main section features an oversized logo that uses three main palette colors – ochre yellow, brick orange and sky blue. Note how these colors are then reused in the main tagline to the left of it, highlighting the agency tools, and using the black color used for the logo outlines to highlight the main goal – the end user. Smaller text blurbs below use styled icons (note the color usage in the two middle icons that further reinforces the color palette while preserving the horizontal balance) – each blurb mirroring and expanding on one of the navigation menu links. Finally, the design transitions to slanted brick orange footer with three faded networking links.

The design uses clean typography by using embedded sans-serif Trump Gothic East Medium font that works well on section headers and large texts, and a readable serif FF Tisa Web Pro for the three-line explanation sections in the lower part of the main page. The later font is used elsewhere on the site (such as the company blog).