Design, uninterrupted #106

December 1st, 2010

Today’s post highlights the design of The design is based on a number of visual elements consistently applied throughout all the sections. Among the elements you can find multi-layered stippled noise background textures, fading multi-line separators, decorative elements with a stylized kite shape and attractively spaced wide font used in the navigation menu and subsection headers.

The oversized fringed “blob” icon is repeated twice in a smaller monochrome version, framing the big purple footer; in addition to creating a welcome visual repetition this also anchors the context balance along the horizontal center of the browser window. Slightly desaturated pink completes the color scheme as the foreground color for section headers and links. Finally, the main content section introduces the designer himself and adds a nice human touch by using down-to-earth language and a self-deprecating caricature figure.