Design, uninterrupted #105

November 29th, 2010

Today’s post highlights the design of An austere three column layout reserves the left column for a static vertical navigation menu, and highlights five selected projects with clean typography and toned down thumbnails. Note how the fonts and colors of the project descriptions match those of the main logo – when the designer opts to use images instead of embedded fonts for extra design fidelity.

Clicking on a project description navigates to the project details, where each page maintains the same austere monochrome palette with toned down splashes of the main project color. LTC / Identity is a perfect example of using a desaturated raspberry to create a connection between all project images. The page footer is my favorite element – it lists the fonts and Pantone colors used for the specific design. This can be found in other identity project pages, such as Designsynergy, as well.

The profile page is an additional example of heavy influence of print design, with a large image used for precise layout of the text sections. This would not necessarily undermine the designer credentials as Alexander specializes in identity and interior / product design – and not in web design.