Design, uninterrupted #100

November 18th, 2010

Today’s post highlights the design of Cognition blog of Happy Cog. A cool palette of desaturated background lilacs and foreground oranges frames the precisely arranged content. The main section highlights the first few lines of the latest blog entry, along with the tastefully arranged snippets of the previous three ones. The header and footer sections use different shades of lilac with soft drop shadows that alleviate otherwise strong straight separator lines. Note that while the footer transitions from lighter to darker shades of lilac the closer it gets to the bottom part of the page, it is still viewed as one whole due to the continuous drop shadows and strong transition from noise to flat background texture in the sidebars.

This level of attention to visual details continues in the typography (see the usage of Jenson Recut Italic for the ampersand), styling of the rich drop down menus and the layout of article listings. And as an extra treat, check out the beginning section of the site CSS.