Design, uninterrupted #97

November 9th, 2010

Today’s post highlights the design of A fascinating visual journey combining poster-inspired typography, smooth animations and an elaborate navigation model through the 30+ collapsible section highlights the strengths of Flash as a medium for highly interactive user experience and precise control over the layout.

Each vertical section can be collapsed with the space key and scrolled with the mouse wheel. The first four columns are a veritable treasure trove for typography lovers, presenting a mix of various slabs intertwined with simple geometrical images and a striking color palette of black, gray and orange. The navigation menu is another visual treat – click the faded “Open Menu” link in the center part of the top navigation bar to see an attractive pull-down transition sequence with varying curvature radius of the bottom edge arc. Saturated sky blue is added to the color palette for the rollover effects. The right side of the navigation pulldown shows a stylized bar chart that conveys information on how much content each section is, and each bar is styled based on the content type (studio info, case study or other work).

This site is one of the prime examples of using Flash for arranging a lot of content in a visually appealing and easily navigable way, with embedded videos, image rollovers and smooth animated transitions.