Design, uninterrupted #89

October 25th, 2010

Today’s post highlights the design of A warm and inviting palette of brick orange, light yellow and slate gray is artfully applied throughout all the pages on the site. Radial highlights and pinstripe background patterns break large white spaces surrounding main content areas. Further usage of thin condensed fonts in the logo, navigation menu and footer contribute to very light appearance of design that relies heavily on texts for arranging the visual elements and navigating on the site.

The “About” page is my favorite, using the main colors (light yellow and slate gray) for duotone large crisp headshots of the studio founders. Note the direction of each headshot – facing the viewer and (slightly) each other – although i would prefer if Rob’s picture on the right side of his name (instead of facing away from it). Also note the perfect flow of the rather large text sections – no white rivers, no ragged edges and perfect vertical alignment at the bottom.

The pinstripe pattern appears twice – in the header and in the footer – further cementing the well thought and perfectly executed design that relies heavily on precise straight lines. Note the beveled separator along the top edge of the footer section, horizontal gradients and double borders in the staggered layering along the bottom edge of the main section and quadruple underlining of the active navigation menu items. And as a final stroke, the thin red line running across the very bottom of the page “hosts” an inset tab with a twitter bird (move the mouse over the tab to see a hover effect).