Design, uninterrupted #86

October 20th, 2010

Today’s post highlights the design of A single-page design chooses to put the portfolio as a three-column grid of small thumbnails (as opposed to a scrollable slideshow), with larger images appearing in lightboxes on click. The top part of the page features a rather haphazard mix of serif and sans-serif large fonts of wildly varying sizes. While it is a common practice to use images for high fidelity display of the text, most of the smaller texts are blurry and not well kerned (see the gap between A and U in “Beautiful design”).

I like the usage of grayscale palette that is combined with large swaths of grungy slightly “stained” background patterns to break the large vertical span of the top section. Subtle drop shadows around the portfolio thumbnails bring them slightly forward, further highlighting their strong grid. The contact form in the footer can lose some of the bold all-caps labels and use fewer font styles. With an overall simplification and cleaning of typography this can become a polished and well rounded experience.