Design, uninterrupted #80

October 12th, 2010

Today’s post highlights the design of The site features a unique and attractive layout that arranges recent blog entries in two main sections. The light-on-dark top half highlights the most recent blog entry using large fonts and a big arrow icon that indicates the forward motion in exploring the site. Category headers with numbers that indicate the total count of entries are placed directly below, transitioning to the scrollable timeline of other entries. Note the precise typographic arrangement of each entry summary, featuring the category, title, perfectly weighted description and publishing date. Each summary part is set in a different style, with varying font size, style, weight and color – preserving the balance inside each column and across the columns as well. Note that the muted ruler between the category label and the description contains a draggable slider that can be used to quickly scroll to older entries, all without leaving the main page and without putting too much text at the same time. Overall, an enjoyable specimen of precise typography and perfect visual balance.