Design, uninterrupted #79

October 8th, 2010

Today’s post highlights the design of The site combines a grungy background with washed out retro palette of yellows, purples and blues. The retro look is reinforced with large background swirls and curvy faux-handwritten font used in the navigation menu, section headers and the main header. While purple is only used in the top part of the site, the yellow and blue are featured strongly and consistently throughout all the sections. My favorite part if the layout and styling of the oversized footer, and especially the archive sections that uses custom coding of the entry types (note the usage of the same vintage font in the legend icons). The social section features attractively styled logotypes of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube – move the mouse to see yellow-tinted versions. Also move the mouse over the monochrome picture in the embedded tweet to see a full-color version.