Design, uninterrupted #78

October 7th, 2010

Today’s post highlights the design of by Tiffani Jones Brown. A slightly playful tone set by the large photo of a woman “lost” in the woods and and an illustration of an angry horned monster is kept open and friendly with a monochrome welcoming picture of Tiffani herself (further down the page). Carefully crafted text sections aim to convey the skills and prior experience, but the unfortunate mix of too many font styles, weights and colors break the message flow. In addition, the serifs feel too heavy, especially on larger subsection headers and add too much weight to a rather cluttered middle part of the page.

The bottom half is themed with a light teal that borrows its hue from the main logo and the oversized earrings in the header thumbnail picture. This creates a nice separation for placing a large contact form and a nicely spartan footer. Move the focus between the different text fields to see darker teal highlights. On a less positive side, this section can use a little bit more alignment of the contact form fields and the customer quotes, as well as better baseline alignment of form controls on the “phone number” line.