Design, uninterrupted #72

September 23rd, 2010

Today’s post highlights the design of A stylized bird illustration painted with large curved oversaturated strokes set on the backdrop of pastel radial gradients sets a vibrant and open tone to the site. A two-column grid of portfolio thumbnails defaults to a set of illustrations that use a very similar abstract style with large swaths of oversaturated primary colors. At the same time, muted drop shadows, subtle pastel background highlights and white space around the text blocks in the left column balance out the rich color palette and guide the visitor towards the download section in the bottom left part of the main section. A beveled horizontal separator with fading edges marks the transition to the footer. This section feels a natural continuation of the header illustration, with hard cutoff at the top edge and more muted colors of the swirling strokes.

Move the mouse over the portfolio thumbnails to see cross-fade effects between different zooms of the same artwork. Click a thumbnail to launch a transition sequence that pops up a lightbox and shows a larger version of the specific entry.