Design, uninterrupted #71

September 22nd, 2010

Today’s post highlights the design of It starts with an exquisitely crafted large header that combines an oversized stylized self portrait, overlapping grungy textures and a letterpress custom font set in a vibrant palette of pastel aquamarines, magentas and raspberry pinks. Balancing the off-center position of the overhanging main illustration, the oversized navigation menu extends the muted pastels into the main content area. Each one of the main three sections has a precisely kerned header, each styled with the matching column color.

Heavy on content, the rest of the site adopts a strictly monochromatic palette of desaturated olive, with various shades for background, foreground and section headers. Finely polished elements such as the search box, social icons in the sidebar and date insets on the thumbnails of featured posts create a very pleasant browsing experience which is further accentuated by subtle rollover effects and consistent usage of light blue color for links.

An oversized footer combines the desaturated olive with full color thumbnails and icons, laying out the content in three columns. Here we can find images of four different sizes, multi-line text sections, short links, negative space and custom typography for the subsection headers, all masterfully arranged to preserve visual balance across columns of various width.