Design, uninterrupted #68

September 13th, 2010

Today’s post highlights the design of As with a few entries features in this series, the site places the main emphasis on the large image-based portfolio slideshow, and mutes all the other visual elements. A richer color palette of mahogany brown and light yellow adds more vibrance to the design, and the large radial background gradient breaks a large swath of background color and indirectly guides the way towards the light source “hidden” under the image slideshow.

Note the two-level navigation bar below the slideshow that groups the thumbnails based on the specific projects, and a simple header navigation menu that employs stylized bird silhouettes to add a nice humane touch. The slideshow itself uses a smooth cross-fade transition for switching between the images. Unfortunately, the rest of the visual elements do not use rollover animations, resulting in rather abrupt transitions between dark mahogany and light yellow states.