Design, uninterrupted #65

September 1st, 2010

Today’s post highlights the design of With a soothing background palette of teal and light aquamarine, and splashes of olive brown for the texts, it uses a repeating floral pattern to create a friendly and playful vibe. The main page content is laid out in a narrow two-column grid that is framed to look like a real-life menu (with drop shadows elevating it above the background).

A lot of attention has been spent to fit all the essential information into a relatively small grid. The menu sections in the right column are interactive. Clicking on day names smoothly expands the relevant subsection, and moving the mouse over each menu entry (cupcakes and coffee) fades in a slightly translucent overlay with more information – all using the same teal color found in the header section.

The playful flowery theme is reinforced with multiple elements – woven chains in the header, vignettes around the main logo, hand-written fonts used on the logo, navigation menu elements and horizontal separators between the left-column information sections. Overall a very inviting and warm impression.