Design, uninterrupted #60

August 19th, 2010

Today’s post highlights the design of A bright yellow green stripe cross in the top right corner of the page highlights the boldness of the design and the precision of the layout. It is the frontmost element in a multi-layer structure that includes a monochrome two-row strip of conference speakers head shots, a precisely crafted tagline bound together by a vignette ampersand and a bright orange “sold out” ribbon stripe that adds further depth to the design. Note how the stripe cross background is partially translucent, making some of the underlying facial features visible – without impairing the readability of the conference description and the list of speakers. Try resizing the browser window horizontally to see an interesting scrolling and anchoring effects on the head shots strips. Move the mouse over each one of the screenshots to see a full-color portrait and the speaker name.

The bright yellow green color of the stripe cross is used as the main highlight color throughout the design, completing the strong and vibrant color palette of white, dark teal and bright blue for the links. The strong geometrical shapes and the lively color palette are used consistently on all the site pages, such as “Schedule” and “Workshops“.

In order not to overload the visitor, the main page offsets the strong stripe cross and portrait strips visuals with short and well spaced text segments. A simple navigation menu along the top edge uses the palette’s yellow green for the texts, and very short texts in all-caps with no icons. The latest news are displayed in three short columns to the left of the stripe cross, centering the visual balance roughly along the center axis. A simple footer combines various legal links and a small promotion blurb for the agency behind the conference.