Design, uninterrupted #58

August 17th, 2010

Today’s post highlights the design of A simple one-page design that manages to fit a lot of information without creating too much overload, it starts with a subdued noise texture overimposed on a heavily desaturated blue background. The top part of the page uses oversize text for the main tagline that flows around a sample customer quote and the portfolio slideshow. The portfolio slideshow uses reduced visuals as clues, with full images and links opened in a lightbox overlay.

Text sections use brighter shadow outlines to improve readability of a relatively small font on the noise background, and horizontal separators maintain the dark-bright bevel effects for visual continuity. The bottom right part of the page embeds head shots of the agency creators; this placement restores the horizontal balance which is then anchored by the symmetrical layout of the footer section. Move the mouse over each one of the head shots to see full-color images and fading popups with more information on each one of the founders.

The footer section maintains the strict and subdued color palette, showing grayscale desaturated logos for the featured projects. Moving the mouse over the specific logo shows the full-color version. The same full color rollover effect can be seen on the tweeter bird below the portfolio slideshow.