User details in TweetDeck

August 13th, 2010

The user details screen of TweetDeck beta presents a succinct and helpful overview of the specific account. A nice human touch to the follow / followed status can be seen when neither side follows the other one (“You are mutually oblivious”).

This screen has one more feature that i find very useful – showing the average number of tweets per day instead of the usual overall count of tweets. The overall count is only relevant if you know how long the person has been on Twitter, and showing the daily frequency is a much better estimate of how much extra traffic you can expect in your timeline. This is, of course, not the perfect metric, since it depends on how many of those tweets are retweets, replies to people you follow and replies to people that you don’t follow.

The only thing that i would change would be to ditch the fractional part. There’s little sense to show 4.9 where you can use a more human ~5. Likewise, infrequent twitters should show <1 instead of completely useless 0.08 (or the like).