Design, uninterrupted #56

August 11th, 2010

Today’s post highlights the design of An austere palette of grayscales and desaturated blue for the links is the perfect backdrop for clean typography and elegant arrangement of text segments (with extra white space for improved readability). An oversize footer inverts the colors, borrowing a tinge of bluish green for the dark background color, and adding a few small full-color image thumbnails.

For a fixed-width column grid i find it strange to see quite a few places where the columns in different sections do not line up. You can see this in off-center alignment of the navigation menu and the main headline (shifted to the left), and in the jarring misalignment of the right-hand columns in the main and footer sections. Baskerville ampersand glyph can use some weight tweaking to improve its appearance on the darker background of the footer section, especially when used in bold all-caps section headers.