Design, uninterrupted #55

August 10th, 2010

Today’s post highlights the design of The design combines hand-drawn elements and space-related illustrations that revolve around the “Skylab” codename. A vibrant orange rocket pointing to the starry sky header is decorated with hand-drawn arrows, trajectory computations and cut-out scissor marks. The same hand-drawn style is used on the social icons that are arranged in a vertical column alongside the rocket. The main illustration is visually balanced by a text-heavy sidebar with the list of categories, tags and an embedded twitter widget.

Uneven separator lines, pencil-drawn contour of the rocket base in the footer, slightly misshapen arrow icons and fading stained texture in the top part of the site reinforce the hand-drawn theme. Also note how the dark orange color used for entry headers and some of the links is derived directly from brick-orange palette of the rocket.