Releases for Trident, Flamingo and Substance

August 9th, 2010

I’ve just published the final releases for the following projects:

Flamingo 5.0 release contains:

  • New scroller panel component
  • New color selector popup
  • Full right-to-left (RTL) support
  • Toggle menu buttons
  • Dock icon for ribbon frame on Mac
  • Dynamic resize of ribbon components

Substance 6.1 release contains:

  • Platform specific keyboard shortcuts
  • New Mariner skin
  • New Office Black 2007 skin
  • Better visual integration in Substance Flamingo plugin for ribbon under all core Substance skins

Trident 1.3 is mainly maintenance release with a few minor API additions to the repaint timelines. Flamingo uses Trident for some of the animations, and you will need to add the latest Trident jar to the classpath. If you’re running your Flamingo-based application under Substance, add the latest Substance Flamingo plugin jar to the classpath for consistent visual appearance and animation effects.

Here are a few screenshots of these libraries in action. New Mariner skin in Substance:

New Office Black 2007 skin in Substance that is targeting the Flamingo ribbon component:

Scrolling support for Flamingo popup menus:

Color selector popup for Flamingo command buttons:

Full right-to-left support in Flamingo ribbon: