Design, uninterrupted #51

July 15th, 2010

Today’s post highlights the design of Set on the backdrop of dark olive denim texture, the site uses a earthen palette of brick red, golden brown and light ochre set early on in the decoration strip that runs along the top edge and applied consistently to all visual elements. The main emphasis is placed on large portfolio thumbnails that use beautifully crafted explanation boxes. Note how much visual attention went into the lighting model of the borders, drop shadows and depressed dash separators.

Irregular lighter spots in the background texture can hurt legibility even for larger font sizes, and the design address this issue by using darker drop shadows. The brick red color is used for two main design elements – the anchored navigation menu and the main action button. Move the mouse over the darker bird outline in the navigation menu vertical ribbon to see a full-color Twitter bird. A simple one-line footer completes this single page design.