Design, uninterrupted #50

July 2nd, 2010

Today’s post highlights the design of A predominantly monochrome theme uses bright saturated orange for the rollover effects and the main action button. The header section uses large letterpress texts and ghost icons (that turn orange on rollover) to draw the visitor’s attention towards the prominent full color action button. Note the background radial highlight with amorphous areas of rotated grid dot patterns that adds a pinch of grunginess to the top of the page. The icon navigation bar is framed with etched separators that have random irregularities along the grooves.

A precise thumbnail grid of sample downloads is framed with another etched separator and is followed by a three-column footer. The footer background is washed away in a few places to “reveal” an underlying square pattern. Instead of being an etched groove, the bottom separator is raised above the surface, while still maintaining the same irregularity as the rest of the separators. I would pay a little bit more attention to the smaller separators in the second footer column and to the consistency of the text shadow effects.