Design, uninterrupted #49

June 30th, 2010

Today’s post highlights the design of The site header uses a simple noise texture with a pattern of alternating light and dark cells running along the top edge, all set in a desaturated purple color. The header contains the main logo and navigation menu that use white and dirty pink as foreground colors – both in good contrast with the background color. Dirty pink is used for menu rollover effects, and this is continued elsewhere on the page, especially on the buttons.

The main area is separated into portfolio highlights and article sections. Moving the mouse over portfolio thumbnails reveals a rather unusual effect – where the active image is themed with a monochrome palette based on beige tint. A small horizontal strip that contains the latest tweet separates between the portfolio and the articles – note how the twitter bird is extended into the portfolio section, but does not overlap the description of the last entry.

The article section seems to break the strong horizontal symmetry suggested in the header and portfolio sections (set by centering the content, oversized curved brackets and an even number of portfolio thumbnails). However, shifting the article list column to the right balances out the extra visual weight created by the right-aligned navigation menu in the header section.

The footer section continues the retro theme set by the old-paper texture of the main section, and adds an intricate floral illustration and hand-written font used for the “thank you” message. While the main site footer seems to waste a lot of vertical space, see how that space is used in the “About” page.