Design, uninterrupted #48

June 29th, 2010

Today’s post highlights the design of by Jan Kovacs. Set on the backdrop of a rich deep brown with a radial highlight and an intricate pattern, the design takes the grid to the extreme by showing the actual grid guider lines on all the pages. The foreground palette of faded ochre, white and desaturated aquamarine is in a perfect harmony with the brown background color, and consistent usage of aquamarine for links / navigation menu rollovers creates a consistent and predictable interaction with the site.

The portfolio slideshow takes the main stage, with a scrollable view that uses consistent colors for the scroller buttons. Click the buttons to see smooth navigation between the portfolio thumbnails. Precise typography used in the header and to the left of the copyright blurb is highlighted by dropshadow effect around the large letters. Browse the rest of the pages to see the consistent usage of these elements throughout the entire site.